Sponsors & Supporters

Kind folks fae's alreedy geen us monie are :

Buckie Area Forum

Bucks for Buckie

Buckie Welfare Society

Rotary of Buckie

Buckie Community Choir

Buckie Community Council (Beatrice fund)

Buckie Furniture Store

Banffshire Educational Trust


EU LEADER programme 

JJ Dancing

Lottery Awards for All

Moray Beatrice fund

Moray Council

Moray Community Health and Well-being fund

Money for Moray

NB Planning and Architecture


Please get in touch with us if you want to be a supporter or sponsor (see 'Contact' section)


Muckle folk hiv helped tae mack Radio Buckie the success it's bin tae date.

In alphabetical order:
·        Adam Murray (Committee advisor)
·        Alan Beresford and staff of Banffshire Advertiser
·        Alan MacBeth, Moray Council Economic Development

-        Allan Riddoch of Coo&two (Merchandise)

-        Ali Simpson of Ritsons (Independent auditor)

-        Alistair Kennedy (Money for Moray)
·        Another Music Project (AMP)

-        Anne Grant of Aberlour Childcare Trust (former Secretary)

-        Andy Savory (former Treasurer)

-        Arlene Milne of Essential Skills
·        Barry Taylor and Buckie Area Forum
·        Barbara and Rebecca Leitch of Moray CLD and Quines Club

-        Bill Cowie (previous Independent Examiner)
·        Buckie Coach House (provision of meeting space)

-        Buckie Community Choir (Jane Murray)

.        Buckie Community Theatre (esp. Glen and Kevin)
·        Buckie High School reception and technical staff
·        Charles Mackay and Moira Thain (Buckie Blethers)
·        Chris Thornton at Colourjam (web design)

-        Claire and Oliver Russell (Lord Lieutenant)

-        Colin Burch (Cullen Connected)

-        Davie Sellar, (formerly BHS Senior Technician)

-        Deia McAllister, (trainee presenter)
·        Doug Reid (former Trustee and Programmes)
·        Don Richardson (former contract worker)
·        Eddie Stuart and John Sievewright of KCR

-        Eden Brown of RGU Media (former trainee presenter)

-        Ellis Boyfield (Trustee and trainee presenter)

-        Ellen Spurge (Treasurer)
·        Fabio Villani, Jenny Devlin, Jackie Maclaren, Sue Davies and Fiona Holt of TSI Moray
·        Feedback from Facebook and Twitter friends of RB
·        Fiona Herd (former Trustee and CP Co-ordinator)

-        Fiona Morrison (SSE Beatrice Fund)

-        Folks at the Salmon Bothy, Portsoy

-        Frank Halliday (Technical Director)

-        Gav Troon (former trainee presenter and chief editor)
·        George Clark, formerly of BHS Music Department

-        George Murray, BHS Technician
·        Gillian Bailey and Gillian Rose, Community Workers
·        Gordon McDonald, former local Councillor

-        Graham Legge, Sound Engineer

-        Hannah Gardner, (Trustee and Support Worker)
·        Heather Pirie and colleagues at Buckie Rotary

-        Hilda Puskas, B4B administrator

-        Jake Murray (Co-presenter)
·        James Young (former Committee technical advisor)
·        Jim McHarg of 3TFm and Scottish Community Radio network

-        John Clifford (formerly Presenter and Treasurer)
·        John Griffiths of Eastern Electronics (equipment supplier)
·        John Thain (formerly Committee advisor and Technical Director)

-        Josie Raffan (BHS Music and Drama)
·        Keith Community Radio staff and volunteers
         Keiran Robertson (former Secretary)
·        Ken at Lady Cathcart Centre and staff at Keith booking centre
·        Kevin, Alan, Ian, George - BCHS Janitors
·        Kristofor Wood (former Trustee)

-        Larry Duncan (former Technical Advisor, programmes, and editor)
·        Leah Rossvoll (former Trustee,Trainer and Fundraiser)

-        Lee Nichols, (former Trainee presenter)
-        Leon Marandola (former Trustee and Trainee presenter)

-        Liam Mackay (former Trainee presenter)

-        Lorna Rossvoll (former book-keeper)

-        Madysan Jeffrey (former Presenter)
         Marco Sharp (former Trainee presenter)
·        Members of the general Buckie area public
         Michael Philips and Michael Smart of Lottery Awards for All

-        Michael Thorpe (Programme descriptions)
·        Mitchell Bremner (former Trustee and Secretary)
·        Moira Strathdee, Moray Adult Learners Forum
·        Neil Johnston, BHS Rector
·        Nick Brown (Trustee and Chairman)
·        Nicola Christie, RBS Business Manager

-        Odin Ironside (former trainee presenter and photographer)
·        Paul Tough (former Committee Advisor and Technical Director)

-        Pat Murray (Presenter and FB Adminstrator)
·        Philip Banks (former Committee Advisor, Trainer and Voiceover)

-        Portgordon Moziac (local singers)

-        Ron Black (Trustee and Community Programmer)

-        Sasha Adamson (trainee presenter)

-        Scenix (Angus, Angus, and David)
·        Sonya Warren (former Trustee and Treasurer)

-        Stan Slater, The Cullen Centre (Chair)
·        Steven Cowie (former Trustee and Depute Director of Operations)

-        Steve Thornton (Signetch and BCC)
·        Stuart Crowther (former Committee advisor) 

-        Stuart Stevenson, MSP
         Sue Paton, (former Trustee and Treasurer) 
         Sue Ritchie (graphics and logo)

-       Tam Thomson (Secretary and Presenter)

-       Tim Eagle - local Councillor
-        Victoria Johnston - OSCR
·        Zafar Ali (Trustee and Director of Operations and IT)