July-Aug update

Coronavirus has affected us significantly and prevented access to our Station at the School. However, we're hoping that people in isolation will appreciate listening to local programmes that we've made in past. Our latest playing programme is one of a series devoted to Scottish music of all genres produced by Gav Troon. There's also a fun solo musical podcast on Covid-19 by Ron Black, and an enthralling interview with local quine Esther Bruce about her times with Seafield Estate - check them out.

Our presenters have been meeting virtually in recent times, and Ron and Bosie have the impetus to complete their dementia-inspired nursery rythme session, as well as Pat and Jake the encouragement to produce another music show.

Tam Thomson has joined the fold, and now we eagerly await his first 'Down the Decades' programme, which will interestingly combine well known songs with our local history. 

In the meantime, we have been purchasing some more specialist equipment to faciltate our training, thanks to Bucks for Buckie, and are looking to further develop our website following user feedback, such as the new video clip feature on the Home Page, with Ellis' lovely greeting to new listeners.

Hopefully, we can all safely get through the next few months; and, if in the interim you fancy contributing to in some way to Radio Buckie, even if it's just raising awareness, please don't hesitate to get in touch.