Feb-March update

Sadly, we acknowledge the passing of two community stalwarts - James Finlay (former Cluny Primary Head) and Eddie Stuart (of KCR) - who were both larger than life characters and will be a loss to the area.

Since access to our studio in BCHS is prevented at present, we are researching the feasiblity of other premises to house our equipment and allow us to keep making recorded programmes, and have recently made a funding application to the BoS Reach Fund to speed up this effort. Fingers crosed for success with that! 

In the meantime, we've managed to put together a great new 'Playlist for Life' of one our area's colourful characters - Dodie Reid, from Buckpool and then Cullen, with one imminent from Chris Winstone.

We're also recognising that people in isolation will appreciate listening to local programmes that we've made in past. For example, on this Home page, there is Tam T's first 'Down the Decades' programme (second one due out soon), which combines well known songs with our local history; plus an informative and interesting heritage interview with Peter Reid on the history of the Portgordon area. 

Hopefully, we can all safely get through the next few months as the C-19 vaccine gets rolled out; but, if in the interim you fancy contributing to in some way to Radio Buckie, even if it's just raising awareness, please don't hesitate to get in touch.