Sept-Oct update

Our AGM is taking place virtually again this year at 7pm on Wed 13th October. Please let us know if you are interested in joining in, and we will happily send you a link. Our Chairman and Treasurer will be reporting on the past year, and we will be appointing our Trustees for the year coming.

Meanwhile, we're recognising that people will appreciate listening to local programmes during these isolating times, and Ron and Bosie have made a great nursery rhyme podcast targeted at young children and people with dementia. Also on this Home page, there is Tam T's first two 'Down the Decades' programmes, which combine well known songs with our local history. Furthermore, we've managed to put together a great new 'Playlist for Life' of one our area's renowned wordsmiths - Caroline Fowler fae Buckie. In our 'More Programmes' sections, there's also an informative and interesting heritage interview with Peter Reid on the history of the Portgordon area, Gav Troon's fabulous 'Scottish Show' series, and much more. Check them all out. 

Since access to our studio in BCHS is prevented at present, we are researching the feasiblity of other premises to house our equipment and allow us to keep making recorded programmes. Fingers crosed for success with that! 

Hopefully, we can all safely get through the next few months as the C-19 restrictions ease; but, if in the interim you fancy contributing to in some way to Radio Buckie, even if it's just raising awareness, please don't hesitate to get in touch.