Our People

A gie lot a folk are needed to make Radio Buckie operate and we canna show a'body, but here's some (see more in our 'Supporters' section) that you might listen to and/or come in direct contact with:

Frank Halliday is presenter of the show 'DJ Web', which offers an electic mix of music that is rarely featured on the standard radio channels. Frank is also our station's technical guru and trainer so contact him if you have any queries about our equipment and have any ideas for shows!

Zafar Ali is a presenter of the show 'Zafar on the sofa', which is a Radio Buckie's own version of Parkinson! - a 15-90 mins chat show with various local people of VIP appeal. He is also our Operations Director, so get in touch with him if you want to help with Radio Buckie in any way.

Andrew 'Bosie' Savory and Ron Black are our two of our newbies who are pursuing our 'Playlist' programmes, which record personal memories and have potential to assist people with dementia. Andrew and Ron are both Trustees, so please contact either if you would like to find out more about Radio Buckie.

Steven Cowie is presenter of  'The Gathering Storm', which is a general arts show covering 'onything and a'thing fae the local to the international'! 

Amanda Halliday is presenter of the show 'DJ Rock Lobster'. Amanda is working her way through the alphabet and selecting some of her favourite rock songs laced with interesting facts and figures.

Leah Rossvoll is a presenter of the show 'Spotlight', which is a music/blog review show and also the new chat show 'Charity Chat', which is our community projects show.   So get in touch with her if you have ideas about promoting local groups and charities.

Nick Brown is presenter of our heritage-based podcasts, which feature facts and stories relating to our area's unique and fascinating history. Nick, who has been with Radio Buckie since its rebirth, is also our principal spokesperson.


Behind the scenes, Nick Brown, Keiran Robertson, and Madysan Jeffrey are our current Chairman, Secretary, and Fundraiser respectively.

Frank Halliday is our Technical Director.

Andy Savory is our  Treasurer 

Ron Black is our  Community Programmes Advisor and Volunteer Co-ordinator.

Fiona Herd is our Child Protection Co-ordinator.

Leah Rossvoll and Frank Halliday are our Facebook administrators.

Josie Raffan is our principal BHS contact.

Bill Cowie of Buckie is our Independent Financial Examiner.

Chris Thornton is our webmaster and app developer.


There are, however, plenty of roles to play in Radio Buckie, so please get in touch if you want to get involved, no matter how small your commitment might be.