Jan- Feb update

We are really happy to kick off 2019 with a revamped website; thanks to funding from Bucks for Buckie!  Give us some feedback on what you think of it.

We are also celebrating another little injection of cash! - big thanks go to the Buckie Welfare Society for providing us with a most welcome grant award of £275, which we will utilise to purchase some new equipment. Recent times in the Station Room has seen a bit of an upheaval : thanks to a professional audit of our equipment by Frank Halliday, we've been stripping out our old-style hardware in an attempt to go digital. It'll take some time to get fully there, but we will persevere. Our focus over the winter has been to integrate new volunteers, put new practices into place, train more people in the use of our station room and portable equipment, and, of course, produce some new recordings. Our Chairman Nick uploaded a fascinating interview with John Aitken about 'Old Cullen', and Bosie and Ron produced a great recording of the Buckie Community Choir with the help from Frank - check them out!